Summer Session 2024

June 24th- July 12th

Registration is now CLOSED

Daruma no Gakko is a summer program designed for elementary school-aged children to learn about Nikkei heritage through the program’s unique curriculum. It is a program designed to develop strong, positive self-images and identities through the study of Japanese American history.

Students are engaged through a fun and varied curriculum. The day is packed with activities such as language study, Japanese American history, cooking, papermaking, origami, woodworking, songs and music, and learning the deceptively complex game of go. Students are introduced to traditional arts such as tea ceremony, ikebana (flower arranging), and use of the abacus (soroban).


The specific and primary purpose of Daruma no Gakko is to develop and maintain a summer program with an educational program designed to develop an appreciation of the Japanese American culture.